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Nostalgia runs deep this weekend as I find myself playing some of my favorite titles, both old and new. RPGs and puzzle games have always been central figures in my gaming life, and their focus will be no different this weekend. The next few days will see me traveling back into the worlds of Orsterra, the setting of Octopath Traveler, as well as the wonderful, archaic, and dangerous text-based world of Arcadia, a MUD title from my youth that’s still alive (though not necessarily kicking). Beyond that, I’ll be putting in some time into Tetris 99, unlocking the coveted Fire Emblem: Three Houses skin and seeing if I can take away another 1st place medal along the way.

Arcadia (MUD)

Before games like World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, and Star Trek Online came along, the first MMO I ever played wasn’t technically an MMO at all – it was a MUD. This text-based genre, which stands for Multi-User Dimension, takes the earliest RPG video game format and spins it into an online multiplayer experience with a persistent game world, excellent character customization, a tough as nails progression system, and (once upon a time) a robust online community. Today, my favorite MUD – Arcadia – still stands, though the population more often than not dwindles to the single digit – one. Though my characters walk alone through that wide world, I still find enjoyment in visiting the cities, plains, valleys, and dungeons of Arcadia.

Octopath Traveler

With the one year anniversary having come and gone, I still find myself hooked on my favorite RPG of this generation: Octopath Traveler. I recently finished up a 4-character run through the game, which fittingly took about half the time of my original adventure last year. I’m now setting out to play through the opposite 4 characters, though the itch to run a full, 8-man traveling caravan is strong. Who knows what this playthrough will hold? Perhaps I’ll stick to my goal of only using 4 characters, or maybe I’ll pick up everyone and just skip through the cutscenes I’ve already seen on my last run. Only time will tell.

Tetris 99

No matter what I do – and despite having games like Smash and Splatoon at my fingertips – the unholy grip of Tetris 99 still holds me tight. A huge Tetris fan from the time I was old enough to hold a Game Boy, Tetris 99 has been the latest in a long line of entrees in this fabulous series to keep me engaged for weeks, months, and potentially years on end. Since it launched early in 2019, it has been my online game of choice, and with the Fire Emblem event this weekend, that trend does seem to be letting up anytime soon.

That’s what’s on my docket for the weekend. What about everyone else? Will you be dipping your toes into a new adventure, or delving like me into the realm of the familiar, ready to enjoy classic and modern experiences all over again? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jeremy Rice

    Staff writer for SwitchRPG. Lover of RPGs and retro games. Speedrunning and Smash Bros. fan. Currently playing: Dragon Sinker, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and RPG Maker MV.

Jeremy Rice

Jeremy Rice

Staff writer for SwitchRPG. Lover of RPGs and retro games. Speedrunning and Smash Bros. fan. Currently playing: Dragon Sinker, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and RPG Maker MV.

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1 year ago

Hey, hey! What about Fire Emblem: Three Houses?! I am trying to fight the urge to purchase it this weekend but I may lose that battle :p

Reply to  Jeremy Rice
1 year ago

The same thing happened to me with Awakening and Conquest. Trust me, this game addresses a lot of tedium from prior entries and removes it. Making it a school and your avatar is the teacher is brilliant. You have to play it to see what I mean. I bought the game on Sunday and so far, I am playing it on Hard Classic and enjoying it the most out of any Fire Emblem that I have ever played.

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