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Thank goodness for the weekend, right? What better way to get started with an epic RPG, like the recently released Fire Emblem: Three Houses? While I’ll jump on that train eventually, this weekend will not be that time. Remember that massive fencing project I mentioned in last week’s WGP? Yeah – it is about to rear its ugly head once more. No project is complete without some breaks though, so here’s what I’ll be playing in my downtime:

Dragon Quest Builders 2

The primary reason for me not picking up Fire Emblem on day one – DQB2 is an absolute colossus of a time-sink, but I mean that in the most flattering way possible. Simply put – if you enjoy extended sequences of well-written, comical dialogue, and dig both free-form and structured building tasks, this game may take some time to finish. For reference, I just started the second main island (the one after Furrowfield – the name escapes me) and I’m already about 20 hours deep. If you don’t hear from me again in a few weeks, come make sure I’m not still trying to perfect my “lazy river float” into the lavatories on the Isle of Awakening.

Legrand Legacy

If I can tear myself away from DQB2, I’ll be getting a start on this title. I’m very curious to see where my thoughts will land in regards to this retro-inspired RPG, seeing as some colleagues have more or less written it off while others swear by it. I’ll have my answer, soon enough.

That’s it for me – what will you be playing this weekend? Let me know!

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1 year ago

More MUA3 for me. Some Picross and Trine if time permits.