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February is shaping up to be quite the month for RPG lovers. Kingdom Hearts 3 is just around the corner and I will be taking a small break from my Switch to jump right into it next Tuesday. I’m sure that many of you that are reading this will echo my thoughts and plans, but what are we going to play until then? I plan to jump into a couple of 2018 Switch RPGs that already hold a special place in my heart, along with diving into a newly released heavy hitter. It’s cold across the entire country, so let’s light the fire, grab the ol’ Switch and warm up with these gems.

Octopath Traveler

The biggest mark that a game can leave on me is when I find myself thinking about it while playing another game. Since Octopath Traveler’s release, I’ve probably played no less than 10 other RPGs, and I’ve found myself comparing EVERY SINGLE ONE of them to it as I was playing them. Square Enix has ruffled some feathers recently by trademarking it’s 2DHD term that it coined for Octopath Traveler. While most gamers have considered it little more than a power move, I’ve chosen to take a more optimistic approach in believing that S.E. is choosing to do this because they are about to revisit the style, and perhaps create a brand new sub-genre. In the meantime, I’m going to see what else I can find out about this “Gate of Finnis.”

Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu

I simply can’t put this game down. My Pokédex is ever expanding and I’m flat out addicted to trying to create the perfect six Pokémon party. I’ve finally found my first shiny and now I want more, of course. If you’re looking for someone else to trade or battle with, let me know in the comments!

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

Our staff here at SwitchRPG have been gushing over this one. After reading our very own Ben Thompson’s review of it, it’s clearly time for me to drop the very reasonable $50 USD and join in on the fun. If you haven’t read Ben’s review for Tales of Vesperia yet, I encourage you to do so. This one sounds like the real deal and I can’t wait to try it out for myself!

That’s it, everyone! Thanks for visiting SwitchRPG! Let us know in the comments what you plan to play while you stay in and away from the cold.

Timothy Taylor

Timothy Taylor

Writer/Father/ Carpenter graduate of The U of Alabama. I chose Pikachu over Eevee.Switch User name: TimmyDale. Currently playing: DBZ XV2, Bioshock Collection, Halo: MC Collection, Sense, FFIX

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2 years ago

You’re going to love Vesperia!

I think the whole 2D-HD trademark is for the name alone, I don’t see them having the power or ability to prevent people from making similar games. They just wouldn’t be able to market it as a 2D-HD game. Regardless, I feel like we’re going to be getting more games in the same vein soon, whether it be from SE, other companies, or both.

I too will be playing Tales of Vesperia, as well as getting started on Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force on Switch.

2 years ago

I’m playing New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe this weekend and probably more Stardew Valley.

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