Weekend Gaming Playlist

E3 is finally upon us, so this weekend I won’t be playing a ton because I want to check out all the stuff that EA (just Star Wars,) Microsoft, Bethesda, and others have (and will) share. Here’s what I do plan to play though:


It’s a crafted, story-driven adventure game that’s not afraid to show its inspirational roots. If you have played 90’s action-platformers, such as Castlevania: SOTN, you will know what I mean as you recognize things immediately – from settings, inventory screen, and leveling up down to the notifications and sounds. Check out my first impressions here and look for my full review next week.

Shakedown Hawaii

This is the closest thing to GTA Chinatown Wars on Switch. It’s an open-world, 16-bit action adventure game developed by Vblank Entertainment – creators of Retro City Rampage. It has a lot of humor and parody in its missions that have you acquiring properties, sabotaging your competitors, shaking down businesses in exchange for protection, and more.

Gato Roboto

Metroidvanias are one of my favorite genres, and Devolver Digital has been releasing hit after hit recently. When I saw this drop on the eShop I decided to grab it, and I plan to check it out this weekend.

That it’s for me! What are you going to play?



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