Weekend Gaming Playlist (4-22-22)

Spring is finally upon us here in the northeast and the weather is beautiful, so time to enjoy some fresh air! If you are attending PAX EAST 2022, have a great show. For me, I’ll be celebrating my birthday and playing some games. Here is what I’ll be playing.

LEGO® Star Wars™ Skywalker Saga

Outside of gaming, LEGO is one of my other passions. I collect and build a lot of LEGO sets, with Star Wars sets being one of my favorites. When it was announced they were putting all the LEGO Star Wars games in one collection, I was skeptical. Is this just going to be a collection of the past games and some new episodes for the sequel trilogy? No, that is not what this is at all.

Instead, TT Games went back and re-did the entire Saga from the ground up with a wonderful re-telling of all nine movies. There are over 300+ characters to unlock of which there are several classes and upgrades. I am slowly making my way through the Skywalker Saga starting with episode I – I am currently on episode II. The LEGO games take a commitment to get through especially if you want to unlock everything, so I’ll be taking my time with this one while playing other games in between.

Dungeons of Dreadrock

I am going to be honest, I didn’t know much about this game until I saw on Twitter that a “Zelda-like puzzle dungeon crawler” was coming to Switch. We were privileged to get an early copy by the developer, and I have been addicted to it ever since. The game isn’t supposed to be very long – 4-6 hours – but it’s been addicting. I am currently past level 50 of the dungeon as you descend 100 floors, and I have found it has that “just one more level itch,” and then you look at the time and an hour has gone by and you’ve done 10+ floors and were only going to do one! I’ll have a video preview up shortly, with my full thoughts on the game to follow shortly prior to its release on May 12th.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

Over on the PS5, I am slowly going through all the games I missed since I missed the PS4 generation. So I am making my way through Horizon now and am really enjoying Aloy’s story. The game is beautiful, the characters are interesting, and the story is engaging. PS: There is a LEGO set releasing for this game on May 1st 😉

Picross S2

Picross games are my “chill and relax” games. I’ll play them while watching sports or while riding the bike during my Cardio workout. They help pass the time when riding the bike. I started a bunch of these games across the various entries and it’s my goal to go back and 100% all of them.

That’s it for me this weekend! What are you going to play? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Twitter. Enjoy your time playing, stay safe, and be well!

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Editor. Resident database wizard. Bringer of news and keeper of peace on Discord.

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