Weekend Gaming Playlist

You might think from the title that my weekend would be full of all sorts of gaming goodness, but I’m afraid that is simply not the case. While I do have lots of things on my docket for this weekend, you better believe I’m going to be sneaking in some Switch time when possible!

SteamWorld Heist

As a casual admirer of tactical RPGs, I cannot believe that I let this one slip by for so long. The sound, look, and feel of it is just wonderful despite it being an older title – in fact, it is jaw dropping gorgeous on my 4K tv and doesn’t fall victim to asset downsizing like so many other games – especially “antiquated” ones – do when blown up on a big screen. I’m working up a review for this one, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in that!

World of Final Fantasy Maxima

When this game was first announced, I was stoked. A Pokemon-style game in the realm of Final Fantasy? Sign me up! However, when it did not perform as well as the typical Final Fantasy review-wise, I decided to take a pass on it until it went on sale on Steam a year or so back. But I quickly fell off it as I’ve found that, outside of last year’s Dragon Quest XI, I just don’t have the patience to bind myself to a PC when taking on epic-length titles. So, when it finally came to Switch I knew I had to pick it up, and I did just that when it was on sale last week.

First impressions are…I can see why some people do not like it. Obviously, it goes against the grain of many of traditional Final Fantasy features (for better or worse), but it does have some high points and is in many ways a love letter to lifelong fans of the franchise. I’m still very early in my quest, but rest assured I’ll be writing up a review for it in the future.

That’s it for me – what are you playing this weekend?



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