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Written by Jeremy Rice on September 28, 2018

It's been a torrential downpour (literally and figuratively) in my life for the past few weeks, but things are finally quieting down. In the aftermath of a busy work schedule and Hurricane Florence, I'm excited to be diving back into my gaming catalogue and spending some quality time with my Switch.

Golf Story

A year to the day after its initial release, I find myself once again immersed the zany, golf-obsessed world of Golf Story. This was a must-buy game for me last year, as I am a big fan of both golf games and RPGs. The charming combination in Golf Story stole my heart, and it remains one of my favorite titles on the Switch to this day. I'm already almost through the full story of the unnamed Player's quest to join the Pro Golfing Tour, and the story has been as delightful now as it was one year ago.

Arena of Valor

When I was young and single, League of Legends was one of my go-to PC games when I had a few hours to kill for online competitive gaming. While my gaming time is more limited these days (and my patience for the sometimes hour-long matches LoL had to offer has dwindled) I'm finding Arena of Valor to be a welcome addition to my Switch library. I played the short beta for AoV a month or two back, and was pleasantly surprised not only by the game's ability to translate a generally PC-based genre to a home console, but also for the stripped down gameplay that took matches from 45-60 minute affairs, down to a reasonable 20. With the full version of the game now available for free on the Switch, I'll be dipping my toe in the water from time to time when I need that multiplayer fix.

Dragalia Lost (mobile)

I haven't done much other than watch the initial trailer for Nintendo's latest mobile game, but I still found myself pre-ordering the title from the app store as soon as it was available. The game launched yesterday, and I'm going to be sitting down at some point this weekend to try it out. Here's hoping the new original IP can live up to Nintendo's usual standard of quality.

That's everything on my docket this weekend. What's coming down the pike for everyone else?

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October 2, 2018 01:20:16 PM
I've been enjoying Dragalia Lost. It has a fun story, if not, let's say, entirely original. It is very generous with the sub-premium currency early on, so you can summon fairly frequently from the gatcha (the premium currency does almost all the same things, only cheaper).

Perhaps the best feature is the sheer amount of content ready at launch. I sped all the way to Chapter 6 (but then hit a bit of a wall, due to trying to keep all elemental teams equal) - but there are lots of side dungeons for farming XP/GP/Dragons (!?!). The announcement for the first limited event just went up, so we will see how raids work a bit later.

All in all, I think it is one of the best mobile games I've tried yet. Hopefully, it can maintain the momentum and not wear thin as so many mobile games do. But bearing the Nintendo name gives me hope that there is an actual game in here and not just a cynical cash grab (*cough*All the Bravest *cough*).
TimmyDale Taylor
October 1, 2018 09:12:18 PM
Gonna jump back into Golf Story myself. Disc golf left a bad taste in my mouth but I really liked the game.
September 29, 2018 09:28:44 AM
Rain check on Golf Story(pre-ordered a physical at limited runs)

I’ll prob give AoV a shot, I downloaded League almost a year ago, I really enjoy it. I’m just not the best, maybe starting from a platform release will help!

I’ve downloaded Dragalia yesterday and played a little bit. It is interesting but I wish I had a larger phone....my fat fingers get in the way. I’ll being playing more this weekend though!
September 28, 2018 09:11:00 AM
Golf Story is great! Dragalia Lost looks interesting, so I may have to check that out myself.

This weekend, I'll be spending most of my time in Dragon Quest XI, with supplementary time devoted to both World of Warcraft and Disgaea 1 Complete on Switch (site review to come in the future).

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