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The ball has dropped in Times Square and we have made it to 2019! There are numerous great games slated for this year and hopefully more information to be shared in the near future, with the Nintendo Direct rumors flying around and all. However, before these titles drop I am going to try my best to take a few games off my backlog list. That is right – my New Year’s gaming resolution is to roll more credits!

We have all been there, enjoying a wonderful game only to get distracted by the latest title or a sale price that’s too good to pass up. I challenge you though take this weekend and roll the credits of a game of your own! Below are a few games I will try to knock out myself over the weekend.

Octopath Traveler

I have put in a lot of time in Octopath, but with a combination of summer traveling, work, and Dragon Quest XI I have not finished this JRPG gem. I am looking forward to closing out these stories and raising their banners to the top of the screen. I know I am not alone in this with over one million copies sold in its first thirty days, so join me in rolling the credits on this Nintendo exclusive.

Golf Story

I picked up a physical copy of this indie title from Limited Run Games and it has been my main squeeze for the holidays, until a little game called Super Smash Brothers Ultimate came out. I got a little derailed trying to learn Marth and Simon Belmont, while also unlocking the rest of the fighters. I have been back on track with Golf Story and will be rolling credits on the wonderful game soon. If you are in the mood for a cheerfully funny RPG all while working on your virtual golf game, then I highly recommend Golf Story.

Phantasy Star

I have not started a playthrough of Phantasy Star yet but I am extremely excited about doing so soon. I have never played a game from this sci-fi series, but I am grateful Sega Ages has remastered the original for the Switch. They took time to update the game with some quality of life features such as Auto-Mapping and a random encounter throttle. This will for sure help me keep my gaming schedule on track. Hopefully, Sega Ages has plans for remastering 2-4 as well.

There you have it – I have my work cut out for myself this weekend. I am really excited for what 2019 has in store for the Nintendo Switch and I will be keeping everyone updated on my progress on completed titles. Let me know if any of these games are also on your backlog, or any other game of your own that you plan to finish soon!


Cory Boney

Cory Boney

Writer of Video Games: Twitter @RPG_ReRuns

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