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Written by Phillip Pinyan on July 27, 2018

It’s that wonderful time in every week where you can guiltlessly start planning what you’re not going to do on the weekend (unless you start on Monday - don’t let anyone get you down about that). My upcoming weekend is sizing up to be good for games. I’m going to be juggling a few different (wildly diverse) titles, so welcome along for the ride.

Banner Saga 3

Less than an hour into Banner Saga 1, I knew I was playing something right up my alley. Between the look, sound, and feel of the game and the ability to play it on Switch, it was a match made in gaming heaven. Fast forward to the finale of the trilogy, and I don’t know if I’m emotionally prepared to make this journey. I’m so nervous I’m going to do something to kill a favorite party member after keeping them alive for two whole games. Fears aside, I’m thrilled to jump back into this world with these characters and experience the culmination of all my good and horrible choices.

Tales of Phantasia

A personal project of mine is to catch up on several series I’ve sadly never experienced. To narrow my list a bit, I’ve decided to target series that have games releasing soon in the future. With Dragon Quest XI coming to Switch at some point, I ventured into DQ1 last week and will continue to slowly advance through some of its more popular titles. Alongside this, I want to prep myself for the release of Tales of Vesperia on Switch later this year, and this starts with playing the initial entry of the series, Tales of Phantasia. Because I’m so particular about how I play my games, I confess the thing I’m anxious about most with it is whether I’m supposed to call the main character Cless or Cress (yes, these are real-life decisions that stress me out). Ugh. I will update you of my decision and progress throughout the week.

Octopath Traveler

I mean, I’ll be playing this game forever. As other things in life and in gaming specifically have popped up, my time with OT hasn’t been where I want it to be. But I’m happy to chip away at it here and there when I need to and play it until my eyes bleed when I can. Ophilia is my main, and we’re best friends. Deal with it.

But don’t be so focused on what I’m playing that you forget to tell me what you’ll be playing this weekend. Yell it at me below. All caps please, to show you’re excited (not angry…please don’t be angry).

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July 30, 2018 05:52:50 PM
Tales of and Dragon Quest are both fantastic series. I actually played all main-DQs except X and XI and most spinoffs, but from the Tales-series, I'm still missing some. I got Phantasia on GBA not long ago and plan on playing it before Vesperia comes, but who knows if i'll be ready. There's still too many games on my backlog and i play way too many games at the same time. But i'm really almost finished with Persona 5 at least. In Octopath I tried the true final boss and got slaughtered :D
July 28, 2018 11:06:58 AM
With an 11 month old baby and settling in to a new job, my gaming time is down to bite sized chunks. So I’ll be working through Octopath Traveler this weekend and for the foreseeable future. Right now I’m having fun grinding JP to play around with skills and job combos (btw, double Merchant is OP fun).
July 27, 2018 08:12:38 PM
I kinda envy you, @firestream, FFV is always a treat.

I'll probably spend my time dithering between Xenoblade and Harvest Moon and end up playing neither.
July 27, 2018 04:58:09 PM
I won’t have a ton of time this weekend, but the plan is to focus on FinalFantasy5
Jeremy Rice
July 27, 2018 01:34:06 PM
I'm still chugging away at Octopath Traveler. Besides that, probably a little Hearthstone and Pokemon Quest on mobile.

Also, I decided after reading your article on Dragon Quest 1 that I was going to dust off the mobile version I bought and barely played a year or two ago and finally defeat the Dragon Lord.
July 27, 2018 01:18:57 PM
Don't tell me what to do! I refuse to yell at you, sir.

What version of Phantasia will you be playing? I have very faint memories of playing it during my Drafting class in High School. As for me, I'll be hopefully completed all of the final chapters in Octopath Traveler. I am undecided at this point whether or not I will delve into any post-game content, though.

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