Weekend Gaming Playlist

We’re quickly approaching weekend territory once again, folks, and with it comes some more gaming plans! I’m going on vacation starting next weekend, so I have a whole list of honey do’s to complete beforehand. While the odds may be stacked against me, I will carve out some time to play some games this weekend, somehow. Here are my picks for this weekend, but be sure to share yours below!

World of Final Fantasy

With Octopath Traveler releasing next Friday, I may have made a terrible mistake by starting another lengthy game before it. But until that day comes, I plan to give it my all. From what I’ve played so far, it is very much like a Pokemon meets Final Fantasy, with a stacking mechanic that makes things more interesting. Let’s see just how far I can get before 8T consumes my life!


I will be providing an in-depth review of Tanzia in the coming weeks, as I am currently working my way through it. All I will say at this point is that it shares a lot of similarities to Vanilla World of Warcraft, and I’ll briefly explain the meaning behind that for those lacking firsthand experience. Tanzia is a single player game that feels a lot like an older style MMORPG, complete with the positives and negatives that come along with such a label. I’ll let you chew on that while I get my full review ready.

Squids Odyssey

I published a full review of this earlier today, but am not yet finished with it. It is a game that took me by complete surprise with its unique setting, art style, and enjoyable combat mechanics. I definitely recommend you giving this one a go the next time you’re itching for a smaller experience that won’t break the bank, or are just looking for something different that doesn’t suck.

That’s what I’m hoping for this weekend! What are your plans?



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