Weekend Gaming Playlist

The first weekend of December is here, and that means 2020 is (finally) on the way out. While this year hasn’t been the easiest for many, December means the holiday season has started and that most, if not all of the year’s biggest games have been released (yes, I know Cyberpunk 2077 is next week). So, here is what I will be playing:

Immortals: Fenyx Rising

This BOTW-inspired game has interested me since its initial reveal as “Gods & Monsters.” While the name may have changed – personally, I prefer the old name – my interest hasn’t changed and I am glad outlets that got early access to it are impressed. I am really looking forward to playing this open-world game from the team behind the hit game, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Allowing this team to venture away from the Assassin’s Creed IP for a time should allow them to be creative and potentially do some wacky and cool things in this Greek mythology setting.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Continuing with the BOTW theme, not only am I looking forward to playing the open-world Immortals Fenyx Rising, but I have also been enjoying my time with an actual return to Hyrule. Age of Calamity isn’t BOTW 2 – hopefully we get that entry in 2021 – but we do get to enjoy a second Warriors-based Zelda game. This entry is a lot more focused than the first entry, taking place 100 years before BOTW and tells the story of what happened leading up to it. Having just completed chapter 2, I am really enjoying the story and all there is to do in this entry. Look for more detailed first impressions on this game shortly!

Gears Tactics

I really like Gears – it’s one of my favorite franchises on Xbox, and I played so many hours of Gears 2 & 3 Horde mode back in the day. When they announced they were making a turn-based game in the Gears universe, I was really interested but bummed to hear it was only coming to PC. Now that Series X is out, Gears Tactics has made its way to consoles and it’s a great experience. You can even play with a mouse and keyboard on console, if you so choose. I do think this would be a great game on Switch, however, as the console is perfect for tactical games like Fire Emblem, X-COM 2, and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (we need a sequel).

Mario Picross

Who doesn’t like Picross? While the new Picross S5 recently came out, I have been working my way through this oldie that hit Nintendo Switch Online a few months ago. Although it doesn’t have a lot of the new features found in the S series, it’s still a great picross puzzle at its core. This was also a title that didn’t originally release in the States, so it’s nice to see Nintnedo use the NSO service as a way to release old games to new audiences. It’s great to play if you’re looking for something chill to play, or to casually play something while also watching TV.

That’s it for me this weekend! What are you going to play? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Twitter. Enjoy your time playing, stay safe, and be well!




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