Weekend Gaming Playlist

Hi there! I hope you’re all looking forward to playing some great games this weekend. In my case, though, it’s actually just one specific game I’m looking forward to really getting into over the next few days. We haven’t actually reviewed it yet – we do have a preview available, however – but you’ve probably heard of it:

Child of Light: Ultimate Edition

I’ve only played some of this, but I’m already impressed with Child of Light. The game offers gorgeous visuals, as you can see above, but also an interesting turn-based system, a wonderful flying mechanic, and a fanciful tale. There is even a pretty cool system with gems that can reinforce your attacks and defense in specific ways. I’m not sure about certain other elements (it seems I can only use two party members in battle at a time, which is a shame) but it’s been a pleasure to play thus far, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the game. One piece of good news is that it’s currently on sale on the Switch eShop (the EU region), so pick it up if you’re curious!

That’s it for me! What are you all playing over the weekend? Let us know in the comments!



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