Weekend Gaming Playlist

The weekend is upon is once more, and I couldn’t be happier about it! While a slew of chores await me, many of which must be done in the Summer heat, the reward for their completion is some much-needed gaming time. This weekend, as I have time, I plan on getting into the following titles:

World of Warcraft (Classic)

WoW and I have a love/hate relationship, though my feelings have erred closer towards “hate” over the past few years. I’ll pop in long enough to play the latest expansion, realize that it isn’t for me, and then drop it for a long period of time. BFA was no different, but now, thanks to the influence of some friends – whom shall not be named! – I’m back at it… for the time being.

The difference here is that I’ve committed to Classic rather than the (in my opinion) disgusting RNGfest that BFA has become, so perhaps I’ll stick with it a bit longer this time. Here’s to hoping that WoW’s next expansion, Shadowlands, purges some of the unnecessary nonsense that it continues to tape onto its decades-old framework.


I’m a sucker for Metroidvanias with RPG elements, and even more of a sucker for those with impressive visuals. Blasphemous is hands down one of the most beautiful pixel art games I’ve ever played, but it isn’t for the faint of heart. Not only can it be extremely difficult at times, its subject matter and presentation leaves no room for those with weak stomachs – truly disturbing events unfold, and there is ample gore and disembowelment around every corner. It is brutally realistic for a game that relies on pixel art to convey its tale, and is one that I’ll likely never forget for years to come.

God Wars: The Complete Legend

In my constant pursuit to scratch the Final Fantasy Tactics itch that has plagued me since the Switch’s launch, I’ve been diving into some tactical RPGs in hopes of finding a salve. My journey, so far, has covered Fell Seal and God Wars, and while neither have filled the tactical void completely, both are rather impressive in their own right- particularly Fell Seal. Mechanically, God Wars is compares favorably to FFT, but is strikingly different with its Eastern-inspired plot and setting. While I’m not sure what kind of legs the game will ultimately have, I’m having fun with it at the moment.

That’s it for me! What are you going to be playing this weekend? Feel free to share with us in the comments below or on social media!


  • Ben T.

    IT professional by day, RPG enthusiast by night. Owner, webmaster, and content creator for this site. Dog dad and fan of dark beers.

Ben T.


IT professional by day, RPG enthusiast by night. Owner, webmaster, and content creator for this site. Dog dad and fan of dark beers.

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