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While our Animal Crossing villagers have been enjoying the start of the Summer season for nearly three weeks now, we here in the real world only officially transition this weekend. For many, that means more time outdoors – provided they can maintain that precious social distancing. For others, however, the heralding of Summer means the cool, comfortable Spring days are banished, and we’ll be seeking shelter from the harsh UV rays until Autumn arrives.

Whatever your proclivity, it’s always a good time to sit down and enjoy a great RPG! Here’s what I’ll be playing this weekend from the safety of my home.

Miden Tower

My hunger for some nice, digestible, budget RPGs has been roaring lately, so I’m thankful to have the opportunity to pick up a review copy of KEMCO’s upcoming Miden Tower before its release next week. I only just dipped my toe into the water last night, so there’s still a lot to see and explore. Like many budget titles, Miden Tower brings an interesting story premise and some unique gameplay elements to the table, but it all really comes down to execution. If developer EXE Create manages to stick the landing, this will be yet another feather in KEMCO’s cap. If not, it’ll be left to the scrapheap of history. Stay on the lookout for my thoughts on this one in the coming weeks, and I’ll let you know if this budget title is worth playing.

Pokémon Silver

Why yes, I am still traipsing around Johto. My third Pokémon adventure for the SwitchRPG vs. Pokémon series has been slow going, as my particular line of work has seen me extra busy in the middle of the pandemic. I’m still thoroughly enjoying my adventure, however. Pokémon Silver brings a ton of quality of life and gameplay improvements to the series. So, while Generation I will always hold a special place in my heart, I’m enjoying re-experiencing the advancements Generation II brings to the table. When I wrap up Silver, I’ll be marching on into Pokémon Crystal, hopefully at a brisker pace going forward.


Another game I haven’t had nearly enough time for is… my own. I’ve been plucking away – at a snail’s pace – at designing my own RPG on the FUZE4 platform. Being back in the world of programming has reminded me just how many twists and turns seemingly simple code can take, as unexpected errors, conflicts, and complications abound. I’m still enjoying stretching my creative legs in this game design platform, though how long it will be until I have anything tangible to show is anyone’s guess.

That’s what’s in store for me this weekend. Let us know what adventures you’ll be having in the comments below!

Jeremy Rice

Jeremy Rice

Staff writer for SwitchRPG. Lover of RPGs and retro games. Speedrunning and Smash Bros. fan. Currently playing: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Ellusive Age, and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright.

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