Weekend Gaming Playlist

Well welcome back to the weekend, folks! For some of us, this weekend will be a bit extended thanks to a holiday, so for that, I’m thankful. And on top of that, my work just switched to our summer hours, so I now work four long days instead of five normal ones. What does this mean? A four day weekend! That being said, I will be enjoying a lot of gaming time, and I’m super excited. What will I be playing? You might be surprised.


Full disclosure, I have been a huge Mario Kart fan since I was really young. My first was actually the N64 edition where my intense rivalry with my other siblings was born. We all know Blockfort was the very first Battle Royale – don’t tell me any differently. For MK on the Switch, I actually finally picked it up this week, so you know I’m going to have some fun. A few races in, things have been a bit rough as I have a lot of course-learning to do (it’s almost like being back in college). Who wants to join me??


I’m going to try my darnedest to pick this game up this weekend, rented if nothing else. I really enjoy the nature of the Quantic Dream games, and my excitement level for this entry is no different. I love the cinematography and really really love to hate myself for being awful at Quick Time Events. Let me take a moment to prepare myself for making completely horrible decisions and regret them forever – or at least until my next playthrough. Does anyone else have any interest in this game at all?

Let me know below what you guys will be diving into this weekend! Got a new RPG on your list, or will you be sifting through that ever-growing back catalogue? Regardless, I hope you all have a fantastic time – go game your hearts out!

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