Weekend Gaming Playlist

The glorious weekend is upon us once again! While those blasted adulting responsibilities trump the majority of my personal game time this weekend, I plan to sneak in at least a little bit at some point. Here’s what I have in mind when I do:

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

I picked this up a couple days ago out of curiosity, but honestly was not expecting much from it. While it is clearly a beautiful game, I was concerned about the underlying mechanics within and whether or not it would grip me long term.

Two days later, I’m obsessed with it. It goes to show that you can’t always gauge whether a game is right for you until you actually have hands-on experience with it. Needless to say, I’m so glad I took the plunge, and when I finally come back up for air, I should have an in-depth look for your viewing pleasure.


I like open world RPGs and the jank that can come along with some aspects of it. Some of my most memorable moments in these sprawling games lie in their glitchy unknown. Those situations where you execute a basic attack on an opponent and they ragdoll into the sunset like a rocket.

Most people associate jankiness with Bethesda, but Piranha Bytes is arguably the king of the trait. Well known for both the Gothic and Risen series, they released ELEX last year to fairly mediocre reviews. Regardless, I remained intrigued after learning of some first-hand experience from some individuals in the industry that I often find myself aligning with on most games.

I don’t take issue with having to temper my expectations a bit when it comes to Piranha Bytes games. Given their history, I know what to expect (and not to set said expectations too high), so I’m thinking I’ll have a pretty good time with it regardless of its lack of mainstream appeal.

That should do it for me. What are some things you are picking up to play this weekend?



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