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Written by firestream on April 27, 2018

Can you believe another week has gone by? I'll be honest, I'm going to be pretty busy this weekend with a family event, but I'm still aiming to get some game time in. Here's what I'll be playing this weekend. Leave a comment with your picks!

Cosmic Star Heroine

This game has been on PC/PS4 for a while now and finally launched for the PS Vita (which is my 2nd fav handheld). I'll be picking this up to give it another run on the go. For those not familiar with it, it's a great retro futuristic JRPG with a lot of Chrono Trigger influence. Here's to hoping for a Switch version! More Information

Saturday Morning RPG

This game has been out for a while also, but just launched this week for the Nintendo Switch. As an 80's kid, the pop culture references in this one really hit home and the game has a killer soundtrack and great gameplay. If you haven't checked this one out, you definitely should! More Information

Ara Fell

I recently kickstarted a game "Rise of the Third Power", coming to the Switch at some point, and they sent me a key for their previous game "Ara Fell" on Steam. From what I've played so far of this one, it's got a lot of potential to be a great retro JRPG. More Information

So that's what I'm hoping to play over the weekend. Let us know your picks by leaving a comment below!

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April 30, 2018 10:15:22 AM
I picked up PUBG again last week after 3 months of not playing. It is really fun, and after about 50 hours I'm getting a little better.

On the Switch, I picked up Football Manager 2018 and I'm eager to play more. I love soccer and have never played the FM games.
April 28, 2018 07:58:54 AM
Cosmic Star Heroine is great! I played quite a bit of it on Steam. Would love to finish it sometime. Ara Fell looks stunning. I'll definitely be picking that up at some point.

As for what I'm playing, The Witcher 3 is consuming pretty much all of my gaming time. I'm ashamed it took me this long to play it, but it is truly a masterpiece.

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