Libra: Vaporum (Switch)

Libra is a series which will provide first impressions of games well before a review. As is the case with our formal reviews, these will generally be spoiler free, however some very minor spoilers could still lurk ahead.

My interest in first-person dungeon crawlers – like roguelikes – has experienced somewhat of a renaissance since becoming a hardcore Switch player. That said, I haven’t intentionally ignored the dungeon crawler in the past – in fact, Genesis games like Warriors of the Eternal Sun and Shining in the Darkness have coursed through my gaming veins since I was a child. The more modern crawler, however, I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing much. Thus, I am looking to change that, with titles like the previously reviewed The Lost Child and today’s topic, Vaporum.

The Gist

Vaporum is a first-person steampunk dungeon crawler that starts off with an amnesiac man waking up on a bed of rocks by the sea. In the distance, he sees a gigantic tower, and although he can’t seem to recall anything about himself or the structure itself, he feels compelled to go near it. With nothing more than a gut feeling, the man opens up the entrance to the looming tower, striding head-first right into it. Unfortunately, unspeakable horrors – and likely some recollection – is likely what is in store for our muddled protagonist.


  • Very Bioshock-esque feel which I’m absolutely digging.
  • Graphics are rather nice for a Switch game.
  • Although a real-time dungeon crawler by default, you quickly unlock the ability to stop time at will (ie. convert it to a classic turn-based affair).
  • Appears to be quite challenging, even on normal difficulty.
  • Multiple classes, gear types, and talents to choose from.

  • Too many “whiffs” in combat for my liking, and almost every enemy feels like a damage sponge.
  • As is the case with many dungeon crawlers, sheer amount of hotkeys feel a little overwhelming at times.
  • Lots of gear swapping to optimize damage dealt (and received).

Be on the lookout for my official Vaporum review soon!

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