SwitchRPG History #26

This Week In SwitchRPG History is a weekly series which will take a look back in time at the topics and conversations we had in years past.

Welcome back to another This Week In SwitchRPG History! This time last year, we were ramping up for a huge site overhaul, but that didn’t slow down published content in the slightest. Take a look!

October 26, 2018Dragon Sinker Review (Switch)Rated "Great", Reviews
October 27, 2018SwitchRPG Audiophiles – CoversMusic
October 27, 2018Revenant Dogma Review (Switch)Rated "Bad", Reviews
October 30, 2018Let’s Play TransistorVideos
October 30, 2018Disgaea 5 Complete Video ReviewVideos
October 30, 2018Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Review (Switch)Rated "Great", Reviews
October 31, 2018CHASM Review (Switch)Rated "Good", Reviews
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1 year ago

Very cool to see these history posts. Made me take a look at CHASM.