SwitchRPG History #11

This Week In SwitchRPG History is a weekly series which will take a look back in time at the topics and conversations we had in years past.

Welcome back to another This Week In SwitchRPG History! This time last year, we were on the cusp of the Octopath Traveler release, which was July 13th, 2018. In response to this, our team pumped out five articles that were influenced in some way by the long-awaited JRPG, but we also had some other interesting articles crop up. Take a look!

July 9, 2018Shining Resonance Refrain ReviewRated "Great", Reviews
July 9, 2018Project Final Fantasy 6: The Remake We DeserveSide Quests
July 9, 2018Octopath Traveler Desktop and Mobile WallpaperArticles
July 10, 2018Octopath Traveler Character WallpaperArticles
July 10, 2018Great RPG Music On – Switch (So Far)Music
July 11, 2018Tanzia ReviewRated "OK", Reviews
July 11, 2018Official Podcast Episode #14Podcast
July 12, 2018Opinion: Critiquing the Path to Octo by Paving Good IntentionsArticles
July 13, 2018Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
July 13, 2018Into the Vault: Romancing OctopathArticles


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We were so hyped for Octopath lol