SwitchRPG History #46

SwitchRPG History is a weekly series which will take a look back in time at the topics and conversations we had in years past.

Welcome back to another SwitchRPG History! This time last year, we covered an assortment of games and topics. Check it out:


March 23, 2019Windscape PreviewVideos
March 23, 2019CHASM PreviewVideos
March 25, 2019Final Fantasy IX Review (Switch)Rated "Great", Reviews
March 25, 2019EARTHLOCK PreviewVideos
March 25, 2019Libra: Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: EVERY BUDDY!Articles
March 25, 2019SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition PreviewVideos
March 26, 2019Final Fantasy VII PreviewVideos
March 26, 2019Reminder: SwitchRPG Final Fantasy VII ChallengeNews
March 26, 2019Elden: Path of the Forgotten Announced For SwitchNews
March 26, 2019SteamWorld Quest Hits Nintendo Switch On April 25!News
March 26, 2019Final Fantasy XIV Still A Possibility On SwitchNews
March 27, 2019SwitchRPG History #1Articles
March 27, 2019Transistor – Quick Attack Review (Switch)Videos
March 27, 2019Windscape Review (Switch)Rated "Bad", Reviews
March 28, 2019Warhammer Quest Review (Switch)Rated "Good", Reviews
March 28, 2019Vaporum Preview (Switch)Videos
March 29, 2019Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles


March 23, 20183 Things That Make Great RPGsArticles
March 28, 2018Official Podcast Episode #0Podcast
March 28, 2018Blossom Tales Review (Switch)Rated "Great", Reviews
March 29, 2018Switch Word Game RPGs: A ComparisonArticles
March 30, 2018Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
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