SwitchRPG History #42

SwitchRPG History is a weekly series which will take a look back in time at the topics and conversations we had in years past.

Welcome back to another SwitchRPG History! This time last year, we covered an assortment of games and topics. Check it out:


February 25, 2019Doom & Destiny Review (Switch)Rated "OK", Reviews
February 25, 2019Stream Archive #1Videos
February 25, 2019Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and XII Receive New TrailersNews
February 25, 2019Let’s Play Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (Ep. 8 Added)Videos
February 25, 2019Final Fantasy VII for Switch Now Available for Pre-OrderNews
February 25, 2019Let’s Play Tales of Vesperia (Switch)Videos
February 26, 2019Wargroove Developer Details Upcoming PatchNews
February 26, 2019RemiLore Review (Switch)Rated "OK", Reviews
February 26, 2019Pokemon Direct – 2/27/2019News
February 26, 2019To the Moon Coming To Switch This SummerNews
February 26, 2019TIARA: THE DECEIVING CROWN Announced For SwitchNews
February 26, 2019Let’s Play Evoland Legendary Edition (Switch)Videos
February 26, 2019Let’s Play Animus (Switch)Videos
February 27, 2019Join Us For The Pokemon Direct!News
February 27, 2019Wargroove Review (Switch)Rated "Good", Reviews
February 27, 2019Legrand Legacy PreviewVideos
February 27, 2019SwitchRPG Turns One!News
February 27, 2019DragonFangZ – The Rose & Dungeon of Time PreviewVideos
February 28, 2019The Caligula Effect: Overdose PreviewVideos
February 28, 2019Official Podcast Episode #42Podcast
February 28, 2019Magic Scroll Tactics PreviewVideos
February 28, 2019RPG Desert Themes – Personal FavoritesMusic
February 28, 2019Persona 5S Rumored to Be Headed to SwitchNews


February 27, 2018Lost Sphear Review (Switch)Rated "OK", Reviews
February 28, 2018Dragon Quest Builders Review (Switch)Rated "Great", Reviews
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