Switch RPGs You Definitely Missed

When this site started back in January 2018, our database included less than 80 “Role Playing Games” for the Switch. Since then, that number has more than doubled. In fact, we weekly add multiple games to our database that are either on the horizon or just announced. Let’s take a look at a few Switch RPG’s you definitely missed (or maybe you didn’t).


Ever heard of Joe Dever? He was quite famous in the world of gamebooks (remember “Choose Your Own Adventure”?). Interestingly enough, a studio turned his Lone Wolf series into a video game for the Nintendo Switch. Lone Wolf still maintains its roots as a gamebook for the Switch, but mixed throughout are fantastic-looking battles, interactions, and effects. If you don’t mind a lot of reading and choice-based gameplay, this could be a game you’d enjoy.

Moon Hunters

If reading a lot isn’t your thing, grab a friend or two and check out Moon Hunters. This is a co-op heavy, action RPG roguelike, that while you can play solo, you probably won’t want to. Your party is given a fixed amount of time to explore the world, take in the story, progress your character, and then ultimately battle a final boss. It’s different every time though, so replayability on this one is huge. The game sports a fluid 16bit style with a nice soundtrack and offers hours of entertainment for you and your significant other(s).


At this point, if you don’t enjoy reading and don’t have any friends to play a co-op RPG with, you might want to check out Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. This is an enemy-free, open-world adventure with charming graphics and music that is full of character customizations, item crafting, questing, exploration, and more. This is a chill game, more akin to the kind of gameplay you might expect from Animal Crossing (but much broader in terms of world). If you have young kids who struggle with a game like Zelda BotW, consider setting them loose in the world of Yonder instead.

As the number of RPGs for the Nintendo Switch grows, we will continue to feature games you definitely missed. What are some RPG gems you have found for the Switch that people might not have heard much about? Leave a comment!




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