Snack World – The Dungeon Journal #2

In this series, Elias has chronicled her playthrough of Snack World – The Dungeon Crawl Gold from the perspective of her playable character. Though the format may be different, there are some clues as to the game’s quality and features throughout. Enjoy!

Day 11:

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded anything about my journey! I’ve been roped into all kinds of quests from the people of Tutti Frutti, and I’ve found my share of crazy loot. Coolest thing of all? Today I won the pick-a-prize and got this awesome Crystal Sword! I’m so excited to go out and use it! I know it will probably be forever before I even see another one to upgrade this thing, but I was so happy to win!

Day 17:

I made a new friend today: Slashimi! He’s a collector of Princess Melonia cards, and he had some really rare ones… I bet they’re worth tons of points over at Gelato’s shop. Slashimi and I went out smashing monster faces today and bonded pretty well over card games. It’s amazing how many friends you can make just by liking the same things. I got a lot of material to enhance my armor collection, so I’m definitely feeling pretty chipper! I know that there will be some bigger quests soon with way more powerful enemies, so I had better get ready while I can!

Day 19:

Some details come back to me about who I was and what happened to me before I got here, but before I can really grasp them, they seem to just float away. I fought a crazy twin set of monsters today, and they seem to have beaten any shreds of my old memories right back out of me. How do these things have any business being this strong?! They did drop good loot, though…. Maybe I should go and see if they’ve returned? I’m up for another scrap!

Day 24:

I, uh…I don’t have any words. I had to snap a photo, but I think I’ll delete it soon. How did the shop even get these, and how can they be so bold as to openly have them on sale!? Wishful thinking is that maybe they’re just a replica, but oh man! I hope Chup never finds out, because I just KNOW that he’d buy them. Oh. Gelato, I worry about you. If the Princess ever found out that you’re stocking these, you’d totally be dead meat!

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