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OK, let’s define what an MMORPG is. There are 3 important things that must be included.
There must more than two people playing concurrently, otherwise that’s just co-op game, in fact I would say more than 4 people at a time would be the determining factor.
It must have an online component. It’s in the name, This just goes without saying.
It also has to be an RPG, again a no brainer, but the lines regarding what determines an rpg have been blurred. Let’s just say that you know it when your playing it.

OK, moving on….An MMORPG also must contain one other thing and that is a persistent world. This means once your play session is over, the world continues to “live” without you there. So a game like Diablo 3 would not be classified as an MMORPG because the instance you created by being in the game is gone once you’ve logged off.

Also, nice but not required is some sort of social aspect to the game. A lot of MMO’s have chat (whether it be voice or text) enabled or have events during certain times of the year to bring all the players together..


More Games to play and who doesn’t want that?

Play games with friends or strangers


Can the Nintendo Switch support an MMORPG? Has anything even really tested it? There are a few games on the Nintendo Switch’s current game roster that have quite a few concurrent users. In saying this, dedicated servers and properly written net code is almost a must when compared to p2p servers in MMOs.

Another concern is there is no real support from Nintendo online specifically voice chat and to lesser degree text chat. I could easily see an instance where folks are trying to strategize a plan for a raid boss and it takes 45 minutes to discuss it because everyone is using Nintendo’s chat method, which may be non existent. But obviously we are smart people and we would use alternative methods to interact with each other like Discord, TeamSpeak, or Skype. BUT WHY DO WE NEED TO DO THIS IN THIS ERA. That’s why Leeroy Jenkins will just run in a ruin the entire plan. Now I’m going to sound like a hypocrite here, this isn’t really a gamebreaker for me personally just a source of frustration. We need this quality of life update on the Nintendo Switch.

Major Con

One major issue i can see being a problem with an MMORPG is simple. The bloat the game will go through as update after update after update happens… Within a few months, most MMORPGs would easily be 25-30 GB in size, and forever growing.

Current MMOs


Multiplayer: Check
Online: Check
RPG: Check?
Persistent World: Maybe. I don’t know, I may be reaching a little bit


LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. What a joke! This “game” Is an incredible buggy mess. Please do me a favor and do not play this game.

Elemental Knights R

Elemental Knights is kinda of a mixed bag. It runs smooth; it doesn’t run smooth. It has some pay to win mechanics. I don’t know, you be the judge.

The list of MMOs are slim, heck I didn’t even include Diablo 3, Viktor Vran, or Titan’s Quest. Those game are borderline MMOs

Coming Soon

We do have some MMOs on the horizon perhaps we’ll see this genre turn it around. Games like Steambirds Alliance, a free to play top down bullet hell airplane shooter. And also Dauntless, the free to play monster hunter game we all deserve.

Games I want to see (Criteria: Free to Play supported with cosmetic microtransactions)


Here is the list of 5 FTP MMORPGs I want to see on the Nintendo Switch.


The side scrolling MMO Maple Story, has been around for a while now, since 2005 in North America to be exact. While Maple story may not be as robust as World of Warcraft, there is a lot of fun to be had. Being an older game the player base is dwindling and what a better time to get it to the Switch. And there actually is precedent for Maple Story being on a Nintendo handheld console. A single player title, Maple Story DS was released on the Nintendo DS in Korea and Japan. So hey, there is a chance!

Mad World

This game has the aesthetic of Darkest Dungeon with free roaming capabilities. Mad World is powered by HTML 5 which means it can be pretty much be played on anything that has a web browser. And to that point, the impact on your disc space is kept to a minimum due to the fact of it being a browser based game. With PVE and competitive PVP there is a tremendous amount of content. Mad World is a classless rpg with your weapons deciding your skills. At the time of this recording, Mad World has not yet been released but what a good home the Nintendo Switch would be.

Elder Scrolls Online

I know, I know, Elder Scrolls Online is not a free to play game but a buy-to-play game with and optional monthly subscription service, and Im ok with that. Ive played ESO on the Xbox and not once did I really feel I was missing anything by not having a subscription. Now that we’re past that, imagine a place where you could take the world of Elder Scrolls anywhere and play with friends..

Guild Wars 2

This is the game that got me into MMOs. I absolutely love the original Guild Wars, but Guild Wars 2 was on a whole other level. I’ve spent countless time playing Guild Wars 2 until the early morning hours. And though it’s been awhile since I’ve looged on , if this game ever came to the Switch….Life Over

Honorable Mentions

Albion Online

There are really interesting aspects to this title including a player driven economy and
Armor & Weapon based skills.

Path of Exile

Ok, I know im. Not only do I feel it’s more expansive than Diablo 3, I think it’s better than Diablo 3. It’s free to play with microtransactions (Most of which are cosmetic). Path of exile initially started on PC but has been making its way to the consoles with the latest edition being the Playstation 4.


We need to show that MMORPGs need love too.

All the games I’ve talked about have links in the description and I urge you to check them out. Once again thank you for watching and let me know what MMOs you’d like to see on the Nintendo Switch.


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