Five Essential RPGs for the Eclectic Adventurer – Part Six

This week, the staff of SwitchRPG are taking you on a grand tour through our favorite RPGs on the Nintendo Switch- so far, anyway. While each list is subjective to the author in question, we believe these lists represent the cream of the crop – games that every RPG fan should take a serious look at, and consider picking up.

Dragon Quest XI – For The Turn-based JRPG Fan

One of 2018’s best games and RPGs makes it’s way to Switch and the wait has been worth it. Switch owners get the definitive version of the game in updated audio and 2D mode. This is the culmination of everything that makes a great traditional JRPG. While the game may look better on other platforms it is an amazing feat the team got this game running so well and we can play this amazing RPG on the go.

Octopath Traveler – “Look for something new” RPG Fan

It was nice to see when the Switch was revealed that Square Enix was supporting the platform, and even nicer that it was receiving an exclusive RPG with an amazing art style. Octopath is an interesting RPG, as it has great audio & visual design and provides an interesting combat system that is fun and keep the action going. My biggest issue with this game is that, while the game takes you on 8 mini adventures and the 8 character’s path intertwine, there is no overall story plot connecting each of the eight characters.

Bloodstained – For the Metroidvania RPG Fan

Bloodstained, while it isn’t perfect on Switch, is a standout title of 2019 and a must-play if you like Castlevania SOTN.

Final Fantasy 7,8,9 – For the traditional RPG Fan

Final Fantasy 7 finally comes home to a Nintendo platform. If you are looking for some of the best and most acclaimed RPGs, look no further then Final Fantasy 7 & 9. A surprise to many, Final Fantasy 8 returned this year to more platforms and in remastered form.

Golf Story – Hidden Gem/Sports RPG

Golf Story takes the best of the Mario Golf games formula and creates one of the best sports based RPG experiences. While its not for everyone- as this game employs a sports mechanic vs traditional combat- the game is fun and filled with wit, thanks to great writing and humor.

That’s it for me – what do you think about my picks for essential RPGs? What would you have chosen differently?




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