Libra: Final Fantasy VII (Switch)

Libra is a series which will provide first impressions of games well before a review. As is the case with our formal reviews, these will generally be spoiler free, however some very minor spoilers could still lurk ahead.

Well, it is finally here and it has finally happened – we have Final Fantasy VII on a Nintendo platform. Needless to say, I’ve been patiently waiting to get started on this and have been playing it religiously since its debut back on March 26th. Add on the SwitchRPG Final Fantasy VII Challenge and I’ve been having lots of fun with the game so far. However, not all is hunky-dory with Cloud and company, so let’s get right into some specifics.

The Gist

Cloud, a former unit from the elite warrior regiment – SOLDIER – takes on a job for the ragtag group of pro-Planet “terrorists” – AVALANCHE – that starts as nothing more than another payday for the spiky headed mercenary. Little do they all know that their objective to blow up a mako reactor – a device that literally uses the lifeblood of the planet for energy – will soon spiral into a tale about government corruption, ancient technologies, and a healthy dose of self discovery.


  • In comparison to Final Fantasy IX Switch, this port is leaps and bounds ahead performance-wise.
  • Looks fantastic on big and small screens despite being developed with dated technology. I’ll admit I’m a bit biased here, as I love prerendered backgrounds and FF7.
  • Soundtrack is identical to the original in terms of format (no MIDI).
  • Boosters available to those who want them, which can be toggled on and off at will. I would recommend against their usage outside of the handy speed boost, however.
  • LOTS of potential value for the price of admission.

  • A music bug exists that resets the progress of songs after every fight, which could be a huge dealbreaker for some.
  • Without utilizing the speed boost in some parts, it can definitely feel like a decades-old game.
  • Odd performance dips in a couple of areas.
  • Incredibly easy.

Be on the lookout for my official Final Fantasy VII review soon!

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  • Ben T.

    Owner, Webmaster, and Content Creator. Lifelong RPG fan. Husband. Dog Dad. Beer Enthusiast. Weight Lifter.

Ben T.


Owner, Webmaster, and Content Creator. Lifelong RPG fan. Husband. Dog Dad. Beer Enthusiast. Weight Lifter.

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