Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Dungeon Journal

The Dungeon Journal is a unique let’s play series, where we flex our creative writing skills in order “role-play” our player characters. This usually works for very specific kinds of RPGs, where player-created avatars are a central part of the narrative. Stay tuned for further updates as we explore the narratives of these titles further via our Dungeon Journals.
For generations, the kids in my village are sent off in a small group each year to collect the myrrh to purify our crystal. Each year I watch as my older brother waves farewell, and I long to go out into the open fields by his side. He sends letters from time to time, sometimes with rare fruit or seeds from far-off areas. The plants we grow end up fetching a fair price at the market, so my father is always elated. I just can’t wait for them to come back and tell me about the adventures they’ve been on. Every time they return, crystal chalice filled to burst, our town celebrates the guaranteed safety of another year together. While I live for the stories of goblin lords and thieving mu, I hope one day to hold my own sword and tell my own tales.

I don’t know how far back we’ve lived like this, but there was a “before time,” when there was no thick miasma enveloping the world and making travel difficult. The Crystal Caravans are one of the only exceptions: absolutely necessary for any town to survive, they’re sent off with the town’s chalice, a vessel with a small crystal shard that provides some protection from the deathly poisonous mist. Our elders say that the crystal shards of each town used to be united as one great crystal that shielded the entire world from harm, but whether this is true or just the stuff of legends, I will never be sure. I hope one day I can find the answer to legends such as these. Perhaps the libraries of Alfitaria will hold the information I seek? I can only hope that when it’s my turn to journey, I’ll have time to search.

Speaking of seeking, it is this year that I may finally get to join the caravan! I can’t wait to see the world with my own eyes. With my brother returning to the fields in my stead, I’m sure I’ll be chosen to represent our family this year and do my part to keep Tipa safe and sound. Secretly, I’ve been preparing- I’ve mended my clothing, patched my cloak, and have even squirreled away a little bit of gil to make sure that we’ll be okay in case of trouble. I know its dangerous and that I should keep a level head in preparation for the dangerous journey, but I’ve dreamed of this ever since I was little, and I really can’t wait to get out there and do my part.

Ten days to go — ten days, and maybe I’ll finally be leaving this village! I can’t wait!


Elias enjoys petting all the animals in a game, stealing food from the homes of unsuspecting NPC's, and sleeping. She can commonly be found curled up with a book, cat in lap.

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