SwitchRPG: April by the Numbers

Written by firestream on May 1, 2018

It's that time again to share an update on traffic to SwitchRPG.com for the month of April. Switch RPG and all of its related pieces began in January of this year and is growing at a steady pace so far. Here's a breakdown:

Overall Totals

Total Unique Visitors:37,29114.5% growth
Total Page Views:283,77422.1% growth
Page Views per Visitor:7.607.65% growth

April Totals

Total Unique Visitors:10,22416% higher than March
Total Page Views:88,19516% higher than March
Page Views per Visitor:8.63Same as March


  • Organic Search traffic increased greatly during April! During march search traffic was between 25-30 people per day. That rose to an average of 80-100 people finding the site through search per day. Google first, then followed by Bing and Yahoo.
  • During March there weren't any big spikes of traffic from places like Reddit. The site was mentioned in a few comments here and there, but nothing significant.
  • "Switch List" launched in March for Android and iOS. It's our companion app meant for all Switch owners, not just RPG fanatics. It is growing steadily and approaching 1000 downloads across both platforms. It is seeing much faster growth on Android over iOS.

April Google Search Clicks

The big spike in the graph above is from a ton of people looking for reviews for the game "Eternal Edge". Related, here's our review of that game.

Misc April Stats

  • 19.4% of our visitors are returning visitors
  • 64.4% of our visitors are from US/Canada
  • 67.8% of our traffic is mobile or tablet

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May 1, 2018 04:49:37 PM
Very surprised at the mobile/non ratio specifically. Good stuff man!

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