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Official Podcast Episode #15

The guys dive into Octopath Traveler discussion. It'll be spoiler free, so don't worry if you aren't too far yet! They cover mechanics, music, look, feel, all the good stuff.

Obscure RPGS: River City Ransom

Goals are a great thing to have in life. Many people strive for fame, fortune, family, and a purpose in life. Well, at the age of 5, my goal was this: beat a game called River City Ransom every single day all summer long. Yeah, I was that dork.

Video Games as Literature

Can a video game offer the same depth of characters and insight into the human condition as a novel? Can a video game possess substantial literary merit?

Weekend Gaming Playlist

We're quickly approaching weekend territory once again, folks, and with it comes some more gaming plans! I'm going on vacation starting next weekend, so I have a whole list of honey do's to complete beforehand.

Great RPG Music On: SNES

Welcome back to my RPG Music Series, where I throw out some of my personal favorite tracks of mine from across various platforms. This one in particular is going to be a doozy, so prepare yourself accordingly!

SwitchRPG: June by the Numbers

So last month was a crazy month for the website and the app! In fact, it was once again our best month yet. Here's a rundown of the numbers.

Weekend Gaming Playlist

Welcome to another Weekend Gaming Playlist, where the games are hot, except when their graphical fidelity drops when they are in handheld mode. Then they're even hotter. Luckily, the games I'm hoping to catch up on this weekend are varied in nature, but have clear-cut objectives to strive towards.

Weekend Gaming Playlist

The weekend has returned, and along with it comes a couple of games that I hope to jump into over the next few days!

Obscure RPGs: Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing

Thinking about the release of Mario Tennis Aces over the past few days has had me revisiting my sports/RPG nostalgic reserves and, specifically, focusing in on the first sports RPG I can remember playing: Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing.

The Most Influential Final Fantasy Ever

Although not the first or even necessarily best JRPG series, what Final Fantasy started back in 1987 most definitely played a large role in bringing the genre into the mainstream light, especially in the West.